Ad of the Day – December 5 (Chicago)

Your daily dose of advertising awesomeness from around the world!

Today’s pick:

  • Agency: Draftfcb
  • Location: Chicago
  • Client: KFC
  • Name: “Happy Holidays”
  • Category: Web Film

Why I like it: Just right! Really enjoyed these 3 videos for their universal insight, their comedic timing, the improv-style dialogue, and the great silent acting from our dejected hero sitting in the middle. It may seem like the easiest idea ever pitched in a conference room, but it takes real talent to execute something so finely balanced: consider the timing (not too little or the tension doesn’t build, not too long or you kill the joke), consider the role of the product (the catalyst, the pivot-point in the video, but not at all intruding on the initial joke), consider the role of the main message (clearly delivered at the end, but not competing with the action that generates the interest). You get the point. This is an example of proper craft. And perhaps the most striking example of craft: how easy would it have been to put in a big logo at the end? Or a super? Or or a “Season’s greetings, brought to you by KFC”  voiceover? Or, god forbid, a seasonal promotional offer? And yet…they didn’t. And it’s better because of it. And it will get passed around and enjoyed much more because of it. Sometimes the hardest thing to figure out is what not to do. I think they nailed it! Well done, and happy holidays to my colleagues at DFCB Chicago, my home of 5 years:)