Ad of the Day – December 13 (Miami)

Your daily dose of advertising awesomeness from around the world!

Today’s pick:

  • Agency: La Comunidad
  • Location: Miami/Buenos Aires
  • Client: Time Warner (telecom)
  • Name: “Rings”
  • Category: Film

Why I like it: So bloody simple…and so bloody brilliant. No further explanation or comment is necessary.

OK…I can’t resist. I just love this ad to death, one viewing was enough and I was really touched, but I could watch it on TV repeatedly. It totally gives me that “I’m not worthy” envy as I watch it because it’s so obvious, so simple – yet so original, so pitch-perfect and so expertly executed. I totally didn’t expect this given the category, and the agency (I know the guys at La Comu and they are magnificent, but normally much more quirky in style, less emotional). So I was blown away. The insight and the way it’s executed is so vastly universal that this could work anywhere in the world. There is a bit of elegantly written copy at the end, but it’s almost not necessary, so strong is the idea communicated from the very start. What can I say…I just loved it. They totally nailed it. Los felicito, chicos!

The 3 components of the Argentine Advertising Aesthetic (part 2 of 2)


3.      Retro Cinematography

Everything comes back. And thus emerges a retro visual style that is distinctive and occasionally polarizing. Now, I’m a little out of my depth here because I’m not a designer or a cinematographer so  I lack the vocabulary to describe this well, but let me try in everyday terms:  Washed out colors. Nontraditional color palettes and hues. Muted lighting. Minimalist set design. Unconventional camera angles.  And then of course the wardrobe and the casting mentioned above, which plays into the whole effect as well.

The earlier examples should also help illustrate (check out the very beginning of the Sprite ad), but here are three more examples by a small independent agency, La Comunidad, which for years has been one of the clearest and most successful proponents of this type of visual and storytelling style: Continue reading