Ad of the Day – December 15 (Montevideo)

Every morning I scour the web and look at the latest ads (in any medium) from around the non-US world. Then I post for you my Ad of the Day. Some days it will be awesome, some days you might not like it. But it’s the Ad of the Day!

Today’s pick:

  • Agency: Lowe Gingko
  • Location: Montevideo, Uruguay
  • Client: Penalty (a Brazilian athletic apparel/accessory brand)
  • Name: “Passion rules”
  • Why I like it: An image conveys a thousand words, and some very good images also convey feeling. In this case, the overhead satellite views of improvised soccer pitches in the favelas of Sao Paulo and Rio transmit passion, perseverance, pride, and that creativity-against-all-odds that is a defining characteristic of Brazilians (and by extension, the brand.) This was a very generic brief, I’m sure – but the folks at Lowe Ginkgko found a very interesting spin on it that just…worked for me. Congrats to our first Ad of the Day from Uruguay!