Ad of the Day – August 25 (UK)

Every morning I go to and other sites and look at 10 random ads (in any medium) from around the non-US world*. Then I post for you my Ad of the Day. Some days it will be awesome, some days it will be pretty weak. But it’s the Ad of the Day!

Today’s pick:

  • Agency: Mother
  • Location: London, UK
  • Client: Stella Artois Cidre (Cider, but in French!)
  • Name: “C’est Cidre. Not Cider”
  • Why I like it: Man, this is everything I love about advertising. This ad is intelligently written, has a quirky and understated sense of humor, it’s retro look is flawlessly executed, the product name and benefit is seamlessly woven into the story, and I can imagine tons of amazing campaign extensions in every medium. Just a gem of an ad. It’s the second ad from Mother (London) this week, but this was just too good pass up. Fan-friggin-tastic. Merci, monsieur le president!