Ad of the Day – August 29 (Cape Town)

Your daily dose of advertising awesomeness from around the world!



Today’s pick:

  • Agency: FoxP2
  • Location: Cape Town, South Africa
  • Client: MWeb (a cloud storage provider)
  • Name: “Make sure you never have to do this again”
  • Category: Print

Why I like it: It catches your attention, and forces you to read the copy, where it delivers the message that pays it all off, in a branded way, and with a chuckle. That’s all you need. Two  thoughts that came to mind as I appreciated this series of ads. 1) One often hears that you need to be telegraphic, to tell the story in an interesting and immediate flash of brilliance, before the fickle consumer turns the page. But…I think this might not be enough for great print. You need a two-step process where you hook the attention…without giving it all away. That’s how you force them to read the copy. And that’s where you introduce your product as a central part of the story. If not – they’re just going to remember the very clever visual metaphor/analogy, and not that ad about your product. 2) It occurs to me that in print the very best images not only communicate the message of the moment…but create a story in your mind…set your mind thinking about the before and after, the whole universe that surrounds this one shot. A couple of buddies backpacking across India, daring each other to eat the first thing they see when they arrive to a village…the friend barely containing his laughter as he takes the picture…the jokes at the gastro-suffering that surely followed…it goes on an on. Same with the poor overweight backpacker that reached the peak, cursing to the heavens in his mind, but still gives a feeble thumbs up to fake his good cheer…or the guy in the dolphin suit wondering if it’s all really worthwhile. You could write whole paragraphs triggered by these shots. And this has to count for something. Inspiring work coming at us from beautiful Cape Town!