Ad of the Day – April 2 (Mumbai)

Your daily dose of advertising awesomeness from around the world!

Today’s pick:

  • Agency: JWT India
  • Location: Mumbai
  • Client: Nike
  • Name: Make Every Yard Count
  • Category: Film
  • Why I like it: “Wow!…awesome!…bastards!” This tends to be my initial reaction when I come across and ad like this one. The first two words are marveling at the executional accomplishment: the ad features 1,440 cricketers, from 2,500 crowd-sourced moments from thousands of cricket fields all over India. The final edit is amazing to behold and works perfectly, backed by a kinetic track that adds to the effect. The third word is well-meaning professional jealousy that emerges when an idea is simple-yet-grand all at once. A memorable, iconic, world-class ad that is deeply imbued with the essence of the market in which it was produced – this is the path to follow!