Ad of the Day – April 24 (Cape Town)

Your daily dose of advertising awesomeness from around the world!

Today’s pick:

  • Agency: Ogilvy
  • Location: Cape Town, South Africa
  • Client: Stimorol (chewing gum)
  • Name: “You decide the flavour”

Why I like it: There is something to be said for the “WTF School of Creativity”. Skittles and others have mastered it, and there’s no denying that it stops you on your tracks. Of course, the trick is doing it right: you need to make people ask WTF???…and then you have to give them the answer. That’s the key. Without the answer, it’s just like so much of Japanese advertising – a completely surreal puzzle (maybe it’s that I don’t speak Japanese…but I kinda doubt it – that shit is weird!). But with the answer, the payoff is so satisfying. In this case, there’s a huge WTF? paid off by the different flavors message for the gum. Very nice. Well done for our Ogilvy friends in Cape Town, previously featured here for their Carling Black label work. Cheers!

Ad of the Day – December 9 (Cape Town)

Every morning I scour the web and look at the latest ads (in any medium) from around the non-US world. Then I post for you my Ad of the Day. Some days it will be awesome, some days you might not like it. But it’s the Ad of the Day!

Today’s pick:

  • Agency: Ogilvy Cape Town
  • Location: Cape Town, South Africa
  • Client: SAB (makers of Carling beer)
  • Name: “Darling to Carling”
  • Why I like it: This 2 minute case study is WELL worth your while. It’s a case study about how thinking harder, being ballsier, and committing to taking things “all the way” can have a huge payoff. Of course, beer is always ripe with creative potential – but between potential and fruition is the thinking and the doing. I won’t say more, just see it for yourself. And then kick yourself because last time your company did a similar sponsorship all you did was some t-shirts and a hospitality tent! Happy Friday, brought to you by the talented folks at Ogilvy Cape Town for our very first South African “Ad of the Day”!