Ad of the Day – July 9 (Copenhagen)

Your daily dose of advertising awesomeness from around the world!

Today’s pick:

  • Agency: Uncle Grey
  • Location: Copenhagen
  • Client: Only (Jeans and clothing)
  • Name: “The Liberation”
  • Category:¬†Online/film/e-commerce/PR/social (note: We’re going for an “all-digital” week at Ad of the Day!)

Why I like it:¬†Wow. Just wow.If you want to see a digital campaign taken to its highest expression, this is it. On the one side I’m just stunned at the depth of the planning and the execution, at how far they went with it. Just the e-commerce angle alone would be impressive enough, but they pushed it far beyond: big social media component, amazing production values, totally awesome music track that you can download, a personalized catalog (awesome!), a choose-your-own-plot component…I mean, really, what didn’t they do! On the other side, it’s interesting that all of this rides on the back of…technology? Contact strategy? Experience architecture? Clever coding? Nah…it’s the same old thing – storytelling! This is an interesting story of teenage rebellion, told in a compelling manner. To me this is the golden lesson: a great story is what everything else rests on, and is in turn amplified by all the other components. This is advertising (not just digital) done at a really high level. Amazing how they pulled this off! I really suggest you go check out the actual site – the link is below. Cheers to this awesome entry, and our very first Ad of the day from Denmark!