Ad of the Day – February 5 (Portland)

Your daily dose of advertising awesomeness from around the world!

Today’s pick:

  • Agency: W+K
  • Location: Portland, OR
  • Client: Oreo
  • Name: “Whisper Fight”
  • Category: Film

Why I like it: A fresh, delightfully quirky take on a brand whose TV advertising is normally quite safe. How did this happen? I don’t know what went on at W+K (who pitched for and won this single-tvc project), but let’s imagine:

Creative team, day 1: We’ve nailed it!! It’s a debate: people who like the cream part vs. people who like the cookie part!

ECD: Yeah, but that’s been done to death. Miller beer…even Oreo did it a couple of years ago. This is the Super Bowl, folks! Think harder.

Creative team, day 3: Bam! Thank you! We’ve got it! It’s a debate between the cookie people and the cream people, and it gets totally violent and out of control! Cops come in, a big riot, it’ll rock!

ECD: Not bad, but it feels a little gratuitous, a little out of nowhere. What’s interesting about the violence? There’s something there, but it’s nowhere near ready. Think harder.

Creative team, day 7: Boom shaka-laka! That’s what am talkin’ about, bitch, knowaimsain? Check it check it: It’s a debate between the cream-ers and the cookie-ers that quickly escalates into an all-out riot, and…wait for it…it takes place in a library!! The cognitive dissonance between the location and the action is what gets us over the top! Thank you for pushing us before, or we wouldn’t have nailed this twist! (at this point the creatives have secretly sworn to quit and start over if the idea is not approved.)

ECD: Hmmm. Yes. Nice. But…its…not quite there yet. Something is missing. This is good, even very good. We could shoot this tomorrow. But we need outstanding. How do we get to outstanding? What is the variable that we’re missing? Think harder.

Creative team, day 10: Ummm. Well, we were thinking, we’ve got this riot going on in a library, and then we though – libraries, you’re not only supposed to be still, but you’re supposed to be quiet, or the librarian gets angry…so then we thought, what if we make this whole riot happen in whispers? It’s just a small thing, and kind of silly, but people would relate, and we think that maybe…

That burst of inspiration that makes an ad special…it can happen at any time, and can come from anyone. The trick is to keep pushing and never be satisfied. Always tinker, always improve. All of the successful creatives I’ve met share that trait, that “divine discontent” with the work. Here’s to the pushers and tinkerers!