Ad of the Day – April 15 (Paris)

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Perrier Secret Place

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Today’s pick:

  • Agency: Ogilvy
  • Location: Paris
  • Client: Perrier
  • Name: “Perrier Secret Place”
  • Category: Web Site/interactive film

Why I like it: “Wow.” I predict this will be your reaction if you dive into this choose-your-own-adventure film/web site/promotion by Perrier. You are instantly submerged into a hedonistic, underground world of Perrier, in the hunt for a secret bottle that will let you win prizes of wild partying. It’s a nice enough promotional idea, but what is staggering here is the executional twist: you can change point-of-view at any time, seeing things through the eyes of every participant in this decadent affair. You hope from one person to another as you want, instantly switching perspective as you descend further into the decadence. Let’s say we go in and spend a few minutes interacting with this world that Perrier has built. What is the value of that? How do you compare it to a 30 second TV ad, or an outdoor board? I think the metrics have not yet been developed to accurately tracks this type of