Ad of the Day – November 29 (Milan)

Your daily dose of advertising awesomeness from around the world!

Today’s pick:

  • Agency: Publicis
  • Location: Milan
  • Client: Jagermeister (liquor)
  • Name: Deer Sculpture
  • Category: Film
  • Why I like it: Much of what we see here is quite standard for the category: beautiful, sophisticated people partying it up. But when there is such parity in the category clichés, even the little details can make your ad stand out. The “Trojan Deer” idea was a fresh touch (the deer is the logo of the brand), and the music and overall art design felt very sleek and modern, giving the brand the right shade of cool. Most of us have not-so-good memories of warm Jager shots in a dorm room somewhere…So re-defining the brand in this more adult, more sophisticated, and “done just right”(eg: drink it very chilled) manner? Very smart. I for one will give them a go, maybe even this weekend? Have a good one, everybody!


Ad of the Day – November 25 (Milan)

Every morning I scour the web and look at the latest ads (in any medium) from around the non-US world. Then I post for you my Ad of the Day. Some days it will be awesome, some days you might not like it. But it’s the Ad of the Day!

Today’s pick:

  • Agency: Publicis
  • Location: Milan, Italy
  • Client: Nestle Antica Gelateria del Corso
  • Name: “A small Holiday”
  • Translation: Take a small holiday
  • Why I like it: I’m intrigued by the idea of huge things coming in teeny packages. Like a hand-crafted piece of sushi, or the perfect last little bite of a grilled cheese sandwich. This ad for a small iced coffee drink I think captures the essence of vacation-in-a-small-package with a lot of elegance. It’s not only an art direction achievement, it’s about how it elevates the idea at the core: that a little tiny treat can truly contain a mental departure as big as that given to you by a vacation. It caught my eye and made me think. Nicely done! This is another one from Italy, so we’re 3/3 from Europe this week. What other region will show up tomorrow? Ciao, amici!