Ad of the Day – November 14 (Sydney)

Your daily dose of advertising awesomeness from around the world!

Today’s pick:

  • Agency: BMF
  • Location: Sydney
  • Client: Mamia (diapers)
  • Name: “Ready when you’re not”
  • Category: Film

Why I like it: If you’re a parent it will be hard for you to stop watching the ad, hard for you not to smile…and sometimes that’s all it takes. (if you’re single and living in a studio apartment in NY with your two buddies…well you’re not the target!) Overall I loved this one because it had that “right on” feeling about capturing real life, and it also passed the “this is something I would share” test, which for an ad in the diaper category is not common. But to be fair let me point out the bad along with the good. The bad is that I think they fail on the brand linkage front – the brand/product is just not central enough for you to take it away with you, and thus this likely becomes an ad for the entire category…which is bad news and a missed opportunity for Mamia, because the mental “anti-advertising filter” was brought way down by the good: they really nailed it here on execution (the over-dramatic opera music is great comedy, reminds me of the BGH “Dads in Briefs” campaign…) on casting, and on capturing those almost imperceptible expressions on a baby’s face that marks the “oh no…!” moment for parents. Most of all they nailed it when they decided to take a chance on this. The storyboard for this idea was quite dull, I’m sure – they had to go until filming day and beyond to know if they were going to capture the magic. They took a risk, and they made it happen. Cheers to that.