Ad of the Day – May 6 (Hamburg)

Your daily dose of advertising awesomeness from around the world!


Today’s pick:

  • Agency: Thjnk AG
  • Location: Hamburg
  • Client: IKEA
  • Name: Family Tree
  • Category: Print/OOH
  • Why I like it: What a wonderful set of ads, combining 4 pillars of great print advertising: 1) Idea: A captivating way of telling a story about the ubiquitous role IKEA has played in our lives for years, decades, and in some cases generations. 2) Art direction: this is the kind of visual hook that is almost impossible not to fall for, and the structure is such that there is a clear beginning point at the top…leading inexorably to a delightful twist at the bottom. 3)Copywriting: in our very visual era, most good advertising is capped by a solid line, and the double meaning in those one (both deep and cheeky) doesn’t disappoint. 4) Last but definitely not least, Product: It’s not an ad unless the product is credible integrated in some form. In this case, the product if front and center, amplifying and building the story, not competing with it. So simple to describe, so hard to pull off!